Alicia Keefe at Rockaway Beach, OR


Thank you for visiting my portfolio. 

As a sustainability educator and communicator, I am passionate about helping individuals understand how they can make meaningful changes in their own lives and advocate for systemic change in their greater communities. Throughout my 15-year career, I have engaged diverse audiences in sustainability by making environmental issues relevant and actionable. From professional development workshops to K-12 curriculum and art installations to habitat restoration projects, I help communities understand how their everyday lives are intertwined with their local and global environments.

If you might be interested in collaborating, feel free to send me a note.  

Alicia Keefe

Selected Work

Featured products from Alicia Keefe's portfolio, including: Saving the Southern Resident Killer Whales project-based learning unit; art and sustainability mural projects; Sea Stewards Handbook; Salmon Life Cycle animation; An Incredible Journey curriculum and childresn't book; and What a Waste! curriculum